Viva Labs is the company that creates Curcumin C3. In turmeric, curcumin is the active polyphenol curcuminoid. Curcumin C3 studies validates its potent antioxidant status and gets free radicals neutralized for supporting circulatory system health, heart, brain and give joint support. This product combines Bioperine with Curcumin C3 in order to maximize getting absorbed in the body as well as improving bioavailability to up to 2000 percent.  You get better immunity when you take turmeric. The curcumin in turmeric proves to help in supporting  your system of immunity as it works to create cytokines balance. Weight loss and heart health is something that turmeric contributes to. Studies show a total body fat decrease when you eat a diet enhanced by turmeric. In Japan, they found that curcumin benefits exercise at the University of Tsukuba when it comes to a healthy heart as it hinders cholesterol buildup and improves the health of arteries.

Curcurmin gives memory support and is anti inflammatory. There are properties that reduce inflammatory tendencies in the body. Synergistically, Bioperine and Curcumine C3 defend against decline of cognition due to their high content of antioxidants.  Keep in mind that different curcumin or turmeric brands are not created in the same way and it is important to be a discerning consumer to reap the benefits of this herbal wonder. We decided to do a bit of investigating and find out what this product contained and exactly how it worked.


The contents of Curcumin C3 by Viva Labs are as follows:

  • 500mg of curcuma longa or turmeric root extract
  • 475mg of standardized 95% curcuminoids
  • 5% to 6.5% bisdementhoxycurcumin
  • 15% to 25% dementhoxycurcumin
  • 70% to 80% curcumin
  • 5mg black pepper fruit extract Piper Nigrum, called BioPerine
  • Other ingredients include ascorbyl palmitate, cellulose capsule and rice flour. This supplement is okay for vegetarians to take.


The recommended dose on the manufacturer’s website is 1 vegetarian capsule a day. Each bottle contains one hundred twenty capsules.  This product is one hundred percent safe for vegan or vegetarian consumption.


Each bottle of 120 capsules costs $25.00. There were no discounts or discount membership programs indicated on the website of the manufacturer. This is a considerably a reasonable price to pay considering the number of capsules contained in every bottle.


The company offers a hassle free money back satisfaction guarantee within ninety days of purchasing the product, whether it was unopened or opened. This goes to show that the company is confident that the product will work.

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