This is a review of ProHealth Curcumin Herbal Supplement, a turmeric product. Turmeric is an amazing ingredient with over 300 active ingredients that offer benefits to the body. Some practitioners even consider Turmeric the most powerful of all herbs.  In traditional Indian medicine it is prescribed for a wide variety of ailments including cuts, liver problems, respiratory problems, gas, stomach problems, and various anti-inflammatory needs.

We decided to dig a little deeper into the ingredients, dosage, website and pricing information for ProHealth Curcumin Herbal Supplement to see if it is really as good as it sounds.  We wanted to see how it measures up to other Turmeric products on the marketplace.  Continue reading to learn all about this product and see if it may be a good purchase for you.


This is an herbal supplement; it is not a medication. Some people prefer to take supplements such as this to help their health.  We went to the product’s website to take a closer look at the product formulation.  Unfortunately, however, the website does not have a great deal of useful product information.  No ingredient list or product formulation is available to review. This should be a big red flag to consumers.  It is not recommended to purchase a health supplement without understanding what it is made out of, particularly if you have allergies or sensitivities.


The manufacturer does not provide any recommendations for dosage or use on the product website.

Side Effects

Similar Turmeric products are considered safe for long term use.  While we would assume that this product is safe for long term use we could not verify this information from the website. There were no reports of problems or side effects online. Of course, allergic reactions are always possible.  Contact a doctor and discontinue use immediately if you experience any allergic reactions to the individual ingredients.


This product is sold for $36.49 online.  This is a moderate price for this type of a product.  It seems to be comparable to other Turmeric products on the market.  If you are a member of this website’s “smart savings club” you can purchase the product for a discounted price of $32.84.


No information about a product guarantee was available online. Shoppers want to feel comfortable when trying out a new product.  It is unfortunate that this product does not offer any type of a money back guarantee. Many similar products sold by reputable companies offer guarantees or at least some sort of return policy.


We ran into some concerns when we were reviewing ProHealth Curcumin Herbal Supplement. Namely there was a lack of complete enough information available on the product website.  No ingredient list or product formulation was provided online.  You should not purchase a product without knowing what is in it.  Furthermore, no user reviews or product guarantee information could be found on the company website. For these reasons, we cannot recommend this product as being one of the best on the market.

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