Turmeric Relieves Arthritic Inflammation

The plague of life style-related diseases is beginning to take toll everywhere, East and West. The Middle East, despite its hot climate is not exempted from psoriatic, rheumatoid, and osteoarthritis. In Israel for instance over 16%  of its  population is affected by various forms of arthritis. In the UAE over 19% of its population is equally affected. However, these Eastern statistics are lower compared to that of their American counterparts that is standing at over 21% of its  populace.

But as the count is getting higher, it is a good sign that people are waking up to the reality of alternative medications. One such herb that has attracted such attention is the turmeric herb. No longer remaining an Eastern treasure, turmeric is slowly attracting the attention of Western populations, learning and medical institutions and their dons as well.

Turmeric Relieves Arthritic InflammationJust read this

This is a true account of a lady, recounting her husband’s experience. This is what she says, “Do you like  turmeric as a smoothie? This is the way my spouse gets his share of turmeric’s medicinal benefits. After being discontinuing his conventional  anti-inflammation treatment, it was my turn to scout around and get a herbal alternative to offer him relief in his paining hands. My hubby suffers from psoriatic arthritis. Though both of us are acquainted with  herbal medicines, we had to read a bit wider in regard to this subject. Although the ability of turmeric to fight cancer is common knowledge to some of us, this time round we learned something completely new”. She is not alone, but a part of the larger population that is waking up to this reality.

An auspice of hope

Despite the unpleasant figures above, there is some ray of hope. These days  medical institutions are riveting their attention on curcumin, one of turmeric’s ingredients as a tool in controlling these ravaging diseases. A  Thai study in late last decade concluded that curcumin was just as good as many prescription drugs in managing the knee osteoarthritis pains.This review of preclinical and clinical trials  is just one of many publications confirming curcumin’s  anti-inflammatory capabilities.

An array of dosage forms

Turmeric Relieves Arthritic InflammationYou can take turmeric in the following forms.below is a list of the available options that you can take in order to benefit from its immense health-enhancing capabilities:

  • Take it as a  smoothie: chop a small piece of turmeric’s  roots.Go on and mix it with a glass  milk, one spoon  of cinnamon to make it taste,or you may still add  honey.You may add a little cream if you wish. A smoothie on a daily basis will do just fine.
  • You may also grind and take it dry: it is better when you mix it with warm milk and serve it before it cools.
  • Or just take supplements: adults need an average of two  grams of dry powder on a daily basis.

Exemptions from dosage

Curcumin thins blood. This can hinder blood from clotting normally hence people such as pregnant mothers  or those preparing to undergo a surgical process within a fortnight should avoid it.