For a long time now, turmeric has been considered as one of the best herbs with culinary applications because of the robust flavoring it can provide. It is most commonly found in Indian curry. However, more than being used for cooking, it is also known for its medical applications. In Japan, for instance, it is believed to be essential for a healthier life, specifically for vitality. It is also a staple in Ayurvedic medicine. With its health benefits, there is no wonder why there is an abundance of turmeric supplements available in the market today. Incorporating the herb in food alone will not provide the body with the sufficient amount of nutrients it needs. This is the part where supplements become necessary to fully take advantage of the benefits of this wonder herb.

Amongst the supplements available in the market today, one of the options you can take into consideration is Swanson Kyoto Maximum Strength Fermented Turmeric. The latter is manufactured with the use of a proprietary technique known as lactic acid fermentation. This makes it possible to neutralize the strength of the aroma of turmeric while being able to capture the essential nutrients found in the herb. The resulting product, as it is traditionally used by the Japanese, is promising in terms of providing relief against gastrointestinal problems, as well as in supporting better liver health.


  • 760 milligrams of Rhizome or Fermented Turmeric
  • Gelatin


As it has been recommended by the manufacturer, one capsule should be taken daily, preferably with food. Nonetheless, because the needs of each individual may vary, it is highly recommended that you consult with a doctor first to know what dosage is right for you. It is also important to avoid over-dosage. If you are pregnant, you should also ask your doctor first. Throughout the duration of taking the supplement, if you experience gastrointestinal and gall bladder problems, visit a doctor the soonest possible time.


The product is sold by different third-party vendors, which is why their prices may vary. From Swanson, the supplement can be purchased for $7.99. The original list price is $14.99, which means you will be able to enjoy up to 40% of savings.


Product guarantee will also differ depending on the individual policies of the seller. If you are going to purchase from Swanson, the seller offers a product guarantee, which means you will be given a refund if you are unhappy with it. The manufacturer, on the other hand, guarantees the potency and purity of this turmeric supplement.


In sum, Swanson Kyoto Maximum Strength Fermented Turmeric can be an attractive option because of its cheap price and the use of a beneficial herb as its main ingredient. Nonetheless, while it is notable that it uses turmeric, it should be also emphasized that one of its biggest drawbacks is the lack of guarantee directly from the manufacturer. While there is product guarantee, it is from the third-party sellers and not from the actual manufacturer.

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