An ancient spice with properties to remedy, Turmeric is known best for its benefit to health. Throughout the modern and the ancient world this spice has proven to help in easing body inflammation. People in both China and India have utilized this spice for years. Curcumin is the name of the active ingredient in turmeric.  Basically, Turmeric is what gives American mustard and curry the color yellow. In turmeric root, the active compound is curcumin and contains anti inflammatory, powerful properties. Turmeric is beneficial to the immune and cardiovascular systems along with the functioning of the brain.

At times this spice is also used as a reliever of pain. Clear Nutrition’s Turmeric Curcumin Natural can help you as it alleviates many diseases, promotes healthy liver functions and healthy blood, promotes your system of immunity and is known by the ancients to give radiant skin and reverse the process of aging.  For thousands of years, turmeric has been known as skin food in India and other countries as well. This balances skin flora effects, provides skin nourishment and cleans your skin as it maintains elasticity.

Mainly, immune imbalance and inflammation are the root of modern-day diseases and these can sometimes come from:

  • Pesticides containing toxins
  • Hidden environment or food allergens
  • Chronic infections or hidden stress
  • Lack of exercise
  • Poor diet

Many times, folks with very busy lives neglect their own physical well being. With turmeric, there really is no reason why people of every age cannot live a healthy life free from inflammation and any sort of worry. There are so many health conditions addressed by this product we did an investigation on what it contained and how it worked.


This product contains 500mg if high quality turmeric curcumin that is all-natural. This product contains 95% pure extract and has no preservatives, binders or fillers.


Take one or two capsules a day with meals or upon the advise of your health care practitioner.


The retail price of this product is $34.99 on the manufacturer’s website and there are discount codes available on the website of the manufacturer which let you avail of Amazon discounts bringing the price down to  $17.95 for a bottle of sixty capsules.


Clear Nutrition offers 100% satisfaction guarantee and is Made in the USA. It is certified by the GMP but not by the FDA.

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