Physician’s Formula is the company that makes Curcumin Turmeric. Throughout history, curcuma longa or turmeric extract has been a botanical that promotes health. Current studies reveal that a compound group has been identified known to be mainly responsible for the benefits of turmeric. These compounds are calle curcuminoids. Not only do curcuminoids support normal range levels of cholesterol and keep everything in balance, there are also antioxidant properties for this. This product is a combination of 95% whole turmeric rhizome standardized curcuminoids and concentrated turmeric extract. These active constituents are combined with the entire herb ensuring that all the significant compounds of the botanicals are apparent.  In addition, turmeric has been known to boost brain health and in Japan has actually been used as a way the elderly stay mentally fit. Turmeric is a drink that populations drink each morning in many populations in Asia.

A plant that is native to Indonesia and South India, turmeric have been used as a spice throughout antiquity and also as fabric dye. It is also used as an aromatic stimulant in medicine. The substance of curcumine gives the yellow color to the turmeric spice. In the cuisine of India, curry powder is used extensively, which is primarily made of turmeric.

These days, not all turmeric supplements are created equal. As a matter of fact, consumers who do not know what to look for may mistakenly judge a product according to its label. This is something we don not recommend. As a matter of fact, you need to read all the fine print in a label and know the score when it comes to turmeric. One is not the same as the other. As a matter of fact, finding a product that has a satisfaction guarantee is a good idea, along with one that meets all the FDA imposed standards. We decided to do some investigations to find out what this product contained and how the ingredients worked.


  • 250mg Turmeric
  • 250mg Curcumin including 95% curcuminoids and bisdemethoxycurcumin


Each day, 1-2 capsules needs to be consumed with food according to the advice of your health care practitioner. This is the recommendation on the bottle.


The price for one bottle of 60 capsules containing 500mg of turmeric is $24.95. We have found retailers online giving a discount for this product at $17.95.


There are no guarantees offered by the manufacture for this product. This may cause some consumers to become wary of a manufacturer not backing up its products.

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