For hundreds of years, particularly in India, Turmeric has been seen as the basis for a healthy herbal regimen. In the tradition of Ayurveda in India, this plant was known as a key detoxifier and balancer among all the other herbs. In the traditional Jamu system of Indonesian herbs, the queen of all herbs is known as being turmeric. In both China and Japan, populations detoxify their liver with turmeric and there are even Japanese societies that drink the juice of turmeric on a daily basis. In herb trandition, turmeric is thought to be one of the earth’s most important herbs by scholars.

NewMark is the company that creates Turmeric FSE. It is proud to feature this herb in a turmeric extract full spectrum without having applied heat stress and without chemical solvents. Radiant turmeric extract oil is extracted by as much as a ratio of two hundred to one.  For NewMark, the term super ‘critical’ indicates a supplement that has no chemical solvents, is broad spectrum, has super potenc yand is super pure. The company takes the extract of high concentration turmeric from the finest herbs to create this product. The best part is that when you take the supercritical extracted full spectrum by NewMark, neither the environment nor you need to deal with chemistry solvent. We took it upon ourselves to see what this product contained and how it worked.


  • One serve of this supplement contains 320mg hydroethanolic extract and 80 mg supercritical extract of Turmeric (rhizome).
  • Other ingredients includes yellow beeswax, silica, maltodextrin and extra virgin olive oil.
  • The capsule ingredients include carob, water, vegetable glycerine and gelatin. These are prion free and prepared without any solvents of chemicals. This is free of gluten naturally.


One daily softgel with breakfast or as a health care provider directs.


On the website of the manufacturer, there was no mention of any sort of satisfaction guarantee or your money back. This may make majority of consumers feel wary about products such as these that do not offer any sort of guarantee, since it makes it seem like the manufacturer itself does not trust its own product to work.


A satisfaction guarantee such as this is something that Turmeric FSE just does not include in its manufacturer’s website.

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