Planetary Herbals is the company that manufactures Turmeric Extract, Full Spectrum. This ingredient promotes a healthy response to inflammation and is made of organic certified turmeric extract. To enhance bio availability, this product also include Bioperine. Curcuma longa, or turmeric is an Ayurvedic traditional herb known for its benefits in promoting health. In science, curcuminoids which are the active ingredient in turmeric are known to support the response to body inflammation. Some studies also show that turmeric has proven to alleviate depression by balancing the chemicals of the brain dopamine and serotonin.

Science these days have also made recognition of the fact that many other benefits are derived from this herb.  Turmeric is a relative of ginger and grows throughout Africa, Asia and India. Curcumin is the important compound that works in turmeric, and is the reason that there is a deep yellowish color in the root. Often, during religious ceremonies and holidays, the yellow powder of turmeric is even used for body decoration. In traditional Chinese Herb Medicine as well as in Ayurvedic Medicine of India, turmeric has been used for bile flow, healthy skin, circulation and liver health.

There are both indirect and direct actions produced by curcumin. Curcumins elicit antioxidants that are indirect through acting as enzyme catalysts that directly look for and hunt free radicals. Protein synthesis of the needed proteins like glutathione is stimulated by curcumin. Glutatione is an antioxidant that exists throughout the cells of the body. In addition, the blood brain barrier is something that curcumin is able to cross, and thus may exert efforts as an antioxidant in the brain neurons. We decided to investigate this product and check out what its contents were as well as how it worked.


  • The liquid supplement contains 1ml Organic Turmeric Rhizome, Black Pepper Fruit Extract and Stevia Leaf Extract
  • The 450ml tablet contains 49mg calcium, 400mg turmeric extract, 50mg turmeric rhizome and 4.5mg black pepper fruit extract


The dose for the liquid form is 1 dropper full mixed daily with juice or water. This may stain surfaces, clothing or skin. The dose for those taking the tablets is 1 tablet each day.


This product costs $45.50 for the 120-tablet bottle, $23.50 for the 60-tablet bottle and $12.50 for the 30-tablet bottle.


There are no guarantees featured in the website of the manufacturer and this may cause some consumers to be wary of why a manufacturer would not back up its own produce with a guarantee.

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