When it comes to inflammation of the body, this is an issue that needs some attention. Many times, antioxidants like turmeric have been used to combat bodily inflammation which can lead to more complications if left untreated. There are various Turmeric brands in the market today and it can be confusing to know which is which. We did some investigating on this product and hopefully this helps you come to a conclusion.

What is it in turmeric that makes a great antioxidant?  If you don’t already know it, a popular talk show on TV called the Spice of Life is what made turmeric quite popular these days. In one study, turmeric was measured to see what effect it had on depression. As documented by the study, turmeric had a beneficial effect on turmeric. Keep in mind it was standardized Turmeric extract used and not a cheaper version.

Basically, the key ingredient in turmeric which makes it great for using to combat inflammation happens to be Curcumin.  For this product, the manufacturer’s website advises to take this product daily as it provides a natural, powerful response not just to issues with inflammation but also has cardiovascular benefits, aids liver health and helps in joint function as well.  Reportedly, a special process of extraction is produced to maximize the advantageous compounds and there are six hundred and fifty papers that claim to back this up. We noted however, that the papers were not named and the sources could not be verified anywhere online. We wanted to know more about what it contained and checked to see how it worked.


This product contains:

  • soybean-derived phsophatidycholine,
  • a curcumin blend
  • aged extract of garlic
  • turmeric complex

Other ingredients include vegetable source magnesium stearate, silica, cellulose and gelatin. This product claims to be free of artificial flavors, artificial colors, preservatives, gluten, sugar, dairy, yeast and sodium.


The suggested use based on the website of the manufacturer is 2 capsules daily with meals.


This product comes in a bottle of fifty or one hundred capsules but there was no price indicated on the site.


The website of the manufacturer did not indicate any guarantees, which may give consumers second thoughts about the effectiveness of this product.

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