Turmeric is one of the staples in the field of alternative medicine, which is basically because of the many health benefits it can provide. With such, there is no wonder why there is an influx in the turmeric supplements available in the market today. Taking these dietary supplements are expected to result into a favorable state of health, including the reduction of inflammation, and hence, reducing the likelihood of suffering from arthritis. Turmeric is also popular for stomach ulcers, management of cholesterol levels, colitis, and Alzheimer’s disease. Certain laboratory tests have been also conducted in the past wherein it has been proven that turmeric can aid in hindering the growth of tumors.

If you are looking forward to experiencing its wealth of benefits, you might be interested in trying Turmerol, which is manufactured by North American Herb and Spice. This wild turmeric extract is asserted by the manufacturer to be the most potent and versatile in the market. In the case of the other turmeric supplements you can find in the market, one of the most common problems deal with the use of chemicals and pesticides in raising the ingredients used. With Turmerol, on the other hand, all of the ingredients are carefully selected and the turmeric used has undergone steam extraction to be assured of being free from contaminants. Curcumin, curcuminoids, and turmerol resins make the product more effective in delivering what it promises.


  • Proprietary Blend
  • Carbon Dioxide Extracted Turmeric
  • Oil of Wild Oregano
  • Extracts of Wild Turmeric
  • Carbon Extracted Ginger
  • Beeswax
  • Sunflower Lecithin


The manufacturer does not provide any specific recommendation with regards to the right dosage.


One bottle of this dietary supplement contains 120 soft-gel capsules and can be purchased for $28.14. This is quite reasonable compared to the other supplements available in the marketplace today.


From the website of the manufacturer, nothing is specified with regards to product guarantee, which means that the purchase can be risky. You will not be able to have it returned and you will not be refunded if you are unhappy with its use. The manufacturer does not also provide explicit information with regards to quality control practices.


In sum, while the price of this supplement can prove to be reasonable, it has several drawbacks. The biggest one is its lack of product guarantee, which may not give you peace of mind with every purchase. It is also a bad thing that there are no specific instructions from the manufacturer with regards to the right dosage. There is a risk of taking more than what the body needs since it is not specified what is the best dose to experience its effectiveness. There are many other alternatives in the market wherein the manufacturer provides clear information on how it should be taken, apart from having an attractive satisfaction guarantee.

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