Turmeric: A Powerful Herb with Tons of Benefits

It is almost impossible to talk about Indian cuisine without mentioning curries. In the same way, it is impossible to imagine an authentic curry without the use of a spice known as turmeric. The latter is the one responsible for the yellow color of the curry, and more importantly, its unique flavor. This exotic spice is also commonly used in subzi and daal, among other Indian dishes. Nonetheless, while it is known for its culinary applications, turmeric has also gained reputation because of its medicinal applications. It is considered to be an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial, which basically explains why it is a preferred choice when it comes to alternative medicine.

Turmeric: A Powerful Herb with Tons of BenefitsTo fully take advantage of turmeric, it should be used in its purest form. You can also just buy the root or create a paste on your own. There are also many supplements with the right dosage of a compound known as curcumin, which is basically the one responsible for making it healthy.

Reduction of Pigmentation

There are many skin products available in the market with the promise of minimizing pigmentation. Many of them, however, can be expensive and may also contain toxic chemicals that can do more harm than good for the skin.

With this, turmeric can be a viable alternative as it can provide the skin with a more even tone and color. Simply combine turmeric with lemon or cucumber juice and apply it on the area with pigmentation. Allow it to sit for 15 minutes and finish by rinsing. If this is done daily, it will not take long before you notice visible changes on your skin.

Strengthening of the Bones

Turmeric has been also popular because of its ability to improve bone health. Turmeric juice can be consumed with milk every night. Because women are at higher risk of having osteoporosis as they age, this is one thing that can benefit them. Use a half inch of turmeric root, and have it boiled with milk until you notice the color changing into yellow.Turmeric: A Powerful Herb with Tons of Benefits

Protects Cells from Damages

Because of the abundance of antioxidant properties in turmeric, there is no wonder it helps to maintain the health of the cells, giving it protection against the damages caused by free radicals. It triggers the stability of oxygen molecules, which helps in the prevention of different health problems, including cancer.

Fight Diarrhea

If you are having stomach problems, such as in the case of diarrhea, turmeric will surely prove to be handy. In Germany, different health authorities have endorsed the use of this powerful herb for the purpose of curing loose stool.

Getting Rid of Stretch Marks

After giving birth, most women are in a struggle in looking for ways by which it will be possible for them to get rid of stretch marks. This is another situation wherein you will be happy to have turmeric at home. Simply combine malai and turmeric and apply it on your belly. Leave it there for about 15 minutes and rinse just in time when you are about to take a bath.