Standardized Turmeric Root Extract Vegetable Capsules  Solgar Vitamins, Minerals, and Herbs features a supplemental turmeric to add to your everyday regimen.Solgar is the company that manufactures Standardized Turmeric Root Extract Vegetable Capsules. This product contains turmeric as its main ingredient in the herbal supplement. Turmeric includes Curcuminoids which are flavonoids that are beneficial for the body. These are antioxidants derived from plants and help in fighting free radicals that damage cells in the human body. Throughout history, turmeric  has been long used as a popular curry dish spice, particularly in India. As a matter of fact many traditional residents of India use this turmeric as a way to keep their brains functioning normally as aging takes place. Singhal and Lim studies report the way turmeric contributes to healthy brain functions.  Keep in mind however that anyone planning to take turmeric as a supplement will need to take a high quality turmeric for any results to be seen. For example turmeric needs to be a hundred percent pure rather than synthetic and it also need to have no other added ingredients, binders or fillers. This plant grows in South East Asia and it is from the plant root that curcumin is extracted, which is the ingredient that works. We decided to investigate the contents of this herbal supplement and see how it worked.


Solgar Turmeric Root Extract contains:

  • the extract of the standardized turmeric root
  • vegetarian capsules


There are sixty capsules in one bottle and the recommended dose is twice a day, which makes this good to last for one month.


One bottle of this product with sixty capsules costs $16.13 and you can avail of a discount on online websites and get it for $12.36. There were no prices available from the website of the manufacturer but from retailing websites such as eBay and Amazon, this product was available.


There was no satisfaction guarantee offered by either the manufacturer website or other websites, making this product something consumers may become wary of. After all, why wouldn’t a good product include a satisfaction guarantee or your money back?


This product by Solgar Vitamins, Minerals and Herbs may be great for some consumers to try.

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