Turmeric As A Promising Treatment for Cancer

For many years, experts in the field of medicine have been in an incessant search for the most promising treatments for different types of cancer. In spite of the developments in research studies, there is still no conclusive findings as to which one is going to be the best. In this case, a good way to deal with cancer is to resort into the use of natural alternatives like turmeric. The latter is a plant native to the Southeast Asian region and has gained popularity as a spice. Nonetheless, in thousands of years in Chinese and Indian medicine, it has been a staple in treating various health problems. Recently, there has been an increase in the number of research studies noting how this herb can be beneficial in the treatment and prevention of cancer.

How Turmeric Helps in Treatment of CancerTurmeric As A Promising Treatment for Cancer

The main compound found in turmeric is known as curcumin, which is basically the one responsible for the wonders it can do for cancer. In 2007, one study has found out that rather than treat cancer just with chemotherapy, it should be coupled with the use of curcumin, which is expected to increase its effectiveness. The following are some of the ways by which turmeric aids in the prevention of cancer:

  • The curcumin helps in enzyme inhibition, which also halts the growth of tumors in the body. Therefore, it directly interferes with the possible development of cancer cells.
  • The abundance of free radicals in the body is known to be one of the leading factors influencing the growth of cancer. Curcumin is known to be antioxidant, which triggers the neutralization of free radicals in the cells.
  • In a study using mice as the subject, there has been a 40% reduction in the growth of benign tumors. The tumor that is presence in the subject of the study developed because of the tumors triggering the development of colon cancer in humans.
  • Turmeric As A Promising Treatment for CancerIn another experiment with mice, the effectiveness of curcumin extract has been proven in the reduction of tumors in prostate cancer. The group of mice that has been treated with curcumin showed 70% recovery.
  • In spite of the claims on how curcumin is effective in cancer treatment and prevention, it is important to note that not study has used humans as subjects, making it hard to verify the claims.

Research in Recent Years

In one in vitro study conducted at the Stanford University and University of South Dakota, ovarian cancer cells respond better to treatments when curcumin extracts are also consumed. In addition, recent studies have also made it possible for turmeric to be made available in tablet or capsule form, making it easier to have it a part of your daily diet.

Through having it consumed as a dietary supplement, you will be able to enjoy its wealth of benefits. Nonetheless, to be assured of not experiencing any adverse side effects, make sure only the right dosage is taken. It should not be also consumed during pregnancy. It will be best to consult with a medical professional first to avoid any problems.